Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've gotten over myself...

Hi there, well I've gotten over myself a little bit in the last few days and am feeling positive about my veggie garden again. After weeks of seemingly endless extreme heat, for Toowoomba's climate, and hundreds of watering cans of water I was feeling like I was getting no where, but the weather has changed, though it is still hot but not stifiling. I'm also hopeful we have stopped the Houdinis of the chook world escaping and I might be able too put my backyard back together again. And as you can tell from the photo of veggies I picked from the Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens things have been growing and looking up in spite of my child like frustrations (read tannies). The only thing I have left to combat is that dastardly pretentious possum I have running around eating any little seedlings I happen to plant, not to mention any ripening tomatoes it can reach. Now that can only mean outright war when it comes to my tomatoes.

Included in the harvest are a red bucket of sebago potatoes, one bok choi cabbage, a hand full of butter beans, heaps of yellow button squash, three ruby lou potatoes, more green button squash, two leeks, one over grown spring onion, two Spanish onions and four Detroit Globe beetroot.

I also planted a row each of bulls blood and golden beetroot seed, more but fresh lemon cucumber seed and four Bourke's Backyard tomatos.

It's supposed to be hot the next two days and then, hopefully, some rain Saturday.

Issued at 11:35am EST on Wednesday the 16th of December 2009


Saturday.. The rain and storm band will move into the southeast parts of the
state, with showers and storms extending from the west and north-west of the
state into the south-east. Isolated showers will occur over the northern
east coast. Elsewhere conditions will be fine. Winds over the interior
will be light to moderate SE to NE.

During Sunday and Monday widespread showers and storms will occur over
south-east as an upper cold trough moves across the area and
destabilizes conditions. Isolated stream showers will return to
much of the east tropical coast on Sunday and continue through Monday.
Only isolated showers and or stormswill occur about the Gulf of
Carpentaria. A weak SE change will move through the
south-east coast early Sunday and then decay overnight Sunday.

Well here's hoping for a brighter veggie future, with some cooler
weather and some rain



Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Know how you feel. Despite my best efforts the tomatos have got blossom end rot, a possum has eaten all my strawberries, all my carrot seedlings have been polished off by slugs and its hitting high 30s or even 40 every few days here without a drop of rain. Am a bit over it as well.

Here's hoping for the rain. :)

Stewart said...

Hi Caitlyn, yes it certainly sounds like were in the same boat. sigh!!! At least the company is good :)