Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lets paint.

I started to put up a post of me painting our house on facebook and then decided it would work putting up here on my blog as well.

So in between working, sleeping, weeding and watering and doing whatever else is needed in the veggie garden and being back up driver for my daughter, shopping, cooking and various other duties (jobs my wife wants me to do) I have decided to paint our house. About ten years over due but better late than never.

In the photo you can see the results of my first 30 minutes. Can you believe it has rained ever since I started sanding. If I'd have known that I'd have started six months ago. I'm guessing about 1/300th done of the sanding with 299ths to go.

It's not a cheap exercise either costing $115.00 for a few things just to get started like a paint brush, four liters of undercoat, a coupla' spannas for the angle grinda, a few sanding disks and ear plugs. I'll still need more undercoat plus all the top coats.

I only know the basic of painting so if there is anyone out there with vast amounts of painting experience and would like to share some of their knowledge with me then I'm all ears.

Well it's Sunday (a day after I started sanding and writing the first part of this post) now and it's still raining, about thirty mls since Christmas eve, so that counts out any more sanding and gardening is off the list so I guess I'll catch up on some long overdue guitar practice.

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Tracy said...

Hi Stewart,
The only thing I know about house painting is that I am glad it doesn't have to be done often.
Best wishes for 2010

Stewart said...

Thanks Tracy and all the best for your 2010!

Frances said...

My mission in life is to get rid of all Mission Brown paint on any property I have owned ..3 so far. lol

I once hired a guy to removed MB from fascia boards around roof of house, he just painted straight over with 'one coat' paint.

I since then have bypassed the under-coat in all painting jobs - most paints have 10 year warranty.

Stewart said...

Hi Frances
Yeah. Mission Brown has a lot to answer for. It was everywhere 10/20 yrs ago. I think I've got some on my place but it'll be going in the process.
The mitre 10 paint man said most acrylic paints these days don't need an undercoat and top coats can be applied straight on, but I'm going to be old fashioned and play it safe and apply an undercoat. It's three coats of top coat or 1 undercoat and 2 topcoats so it's the same thing to me.