Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hawkesbury Wonder

Amazing. After giving up on the veggie garden about four weeks ago due to the oppressive heat and then a few rainy days when I had spare time and couldn't get there I still had some lettuce to tend to after making it down to the community gardens this morning (the third lettuce down on the right will be dinner tonight).

I have lost my radish and beetroot I'd previously planted, but managed to replant these again this morning. Along with two rows of Hawkesbury Wonder Dwarf Bean from D.T. Brown seeds.

Where I am currently working is in a raised bed within a secure, fenced area that costs 24 dollars a year (50 cents a week) to rent.

Now that we have received some rain (though not as much as some of our neighbors, though better than none) and the excessive heat seems to have abated for the time being, I hope to get into full veggie production again.

Well that's it for now. Cheers and happy veggie gardening


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