Thursday, February 4, 2010

I made it.

Remember my post back on the 11 of January (Knit one save one) where I wrote about an ad in a newspaper that was finally worth printing. Where I was reading the Queensland Courier Mail and I saw an ad with the heading 'knit one save one' to help save children in need around the world?

Well here is my progress. It has taken me ten squares to knit one without any mistakes but I'm getting through them pretty quickly now.

This lot here will be sent off tomorrow and in the meantime I'll be starting on my next batch.

And just for a giggle I thought I'd kit myself a hat and here is the result. Again full of mistakes but I'm learning a lot along the way.

When I started I thought all I'd need would be a couple of needles and some wool. Well that has grown to five sets of needles, one set of 40cm circular needles, a craft needle and a tape measure. Oh and some of those double pointed needles most of which I didn't even know existed until now.

Anyone else taken up the challenge yet? I'd love to post about your progress.

Cheers and happy knitting


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Rolley said...

haha bloody awesome :)

I'll get around to doing some for sure, but for the moment I'm making a crazy beret for my wife and a nice textured vest for my son ;)

Isn't it funny how you seem to accumulate a million needles and stuff haha, not to mention the ever-growing stash of wool!

hehe. Your textured bottom border gave me more ideas for seed and rib stitch texture patterns too heh heh. You've got 2 rows of seed, then another two but in the reverse order! :D

nevyn said...

Hi Stewart,

I'm up to my ninth square. I've decided to make a whole blanket. No matter how hard I try my squares end up 20x21cm. I figured it was easier that way. I'm going to post a picture of it when it's finished.

I also got a lady at work to do one as well and it's all due to your original post.

Kelly said...

onya stew! lookin good. maybe I will get around to the spare time!

Jacqui said...

I can't knit for shit, but I can crochet - does that count?

Rolley said...

haha nice one Jacqui! Crochet is great, I'm sure it'd be fine :s (I can't crochet for shit ay)

Stewart said...

Hi Jacqui, as long as it's a 20cm square I don't think they would care how it was made.

Hi Kelly, I feel tired just reading your blog and facebook but if you have any spare time then go for it.

Hu nevyn, wow I inspired someone, cool. Any photos you have that I can you just let me know.

Hi Rolley, yes it's k1 p1 with the second row out by one. All this counting and concentrating.