Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a little something!

So what's a cabbie do when the bottom falls out if the economy and everyone, well it seems like everyone, is staying home and saving the bread and honey?

Well, I can't speak for other cabbies cos they always seem to want to speak to me for some reason, but me, I knit.

 Ta dah

I started this as a project to enter into the Toowoomba Royal Show just for a giggle on my part but due to this and that I have run out of time. Next year though, maybe.

There's other shows around so I might still enter it in something yet.

Anyhow, cheers and beers and have a great weekend.



greenfumb said...

That is so cool, make sure you finish it.

Time for us all to get our knitting out as it's finally cooling off.

Stewart said...

Yep, knitting like mad atm, greenfumb

HAZEL said...

we have had our first fire, next will be the long evenings by the fire with the knitting and sewing. Well done really are a new age bloke!