Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two posts From One.

I was doodling around the blogersphere last night when I came across a blog called Canaan Farm.

Nothing unusual about that except for me, being a big Facebook-er, I was instantly taken by 'the look' of their blog. Upon further reading I discovered that they Post onto their facebook page and somehow it magically appears on their blogin tact as a facebook post. Wow, I thought, I want that too.

So now I'm totally intrigued and need to know how this magic happens. I got in touch through their Canaan Farm facebook page, where all their post now originate from and received the magic instructions as follows, 'I open both fb and blogger at the same time...after I have made a post on fb I click the picture and down the bottom I click options then embed post ..then I copy and paste the code into the blogger post and publish..its really quick and easy.' And it was, easy that is, what you see below is my first attempt using a post from the My Veggie Garden facebook page a few days ago.

While your here why not slip across to the Canaan Farm facebook page and give them a like.




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