Monday, August 25, 2008

This mans best friend

This mans best friend. I hate buying things. I always worry it wont last long or wont do as good a job as I like, but when I do buy something and it works really well then it's a big relief. Then after a while I really get to enjoy using something that works well.
So by now your guessing that I'm pretty happy with the mulcher in the photos and you'd be right. Around a small yard like mine it has been perfect.

Below is a photo of the end result. It (the mulcher) cuts it down pretty fine and when added to the garden the worms just love it.

The reason for all this mulcher talk is because I need a new, extra rain water tank. With all the extra garden going in this spring summer the tank is not going to last long if we have a dry spell of more than six weeks.
So the site chosen for the tank is out the front of the house where there was a rather mature night scented jasmine growing. So out with the secateurs and out with mulcher and the end result you see below.

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