Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gardening in a polluted paradise

Here's an interesting by the American Society of Agronomy on growing veggies in/on contaminated/polluted soil.

It's called Gardening in a polluted paradise and it came to me via The Queensland Gardening Pages newsletter.

They say, Green thumbs, do not fret. Pockets of soil in urban areas are still available for the increasingly popular practice of urban gardening.

And while the proximity of these soils to pollution and industry can increase levels of contamination by harmful compounds, some scientists have found that the risks associated with gardening in these soils may not be as high as first thought. Read more here.

Might have to rethink making tattie tyres again.

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Anonymous said...

They are thinking bio-char may draw and keep some of that pollution in the soil out of the fruit/vegies.....will be interesting to see the results in say 5 years