Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another good week, sort off.

Another good week, sort off. There was the case of mild food poisoning overnight Tuesday with a two day recovery before I'd bounced back enough to get back to work.

On top of that the weather has been very, 'traditional Toowoomba Winter' weather. On top of 36mm of rain on Tuesday the rest of the week was cold, overcast and windy.

Therefore the pea seedlings I planted Monday after work expecting rain was a good plan. Also some variegated Iris I'd ordered arrived on Friday and then the weather fined up for the events of all events, the Queensland Garden Expo.

They're held at the Nambour showgrounds each year and I made a promise to myself to go back after last year and pick up a Burgon and Ball Digging Fork that I've had my eye on. Which I did.

Fair dinkum, without a word of a lie and without a shadow of doubt. Like a hot knife through butter.

It doesn't look much just standing there by itself but, this is the best $100 I've spent on a garden tool, hands down, ever.

It's a Burgon and Ball hand crafted stainless steel digging fork.

And after using it all afternoon digging up all sorts of garden, I'd have happily payed $200 for it.

It has great balance, the tines are at just the right angle, the handle is just the right length, the stainless steel tines just guide through the soil.

I bought it thinking it was a bit extravagant but after using it for an afternoon I can't wait to get back out in the garden and start digging again.

If you want one just look up The Garden Tool Shop.

My apoligies for the sound quality on the video but I trusted the GoPro would be up to the task. It sounds horrible and I hope I can fix it in time for my next video.


Mozette said...

Now, that looks like a great buy! I wouldn't sneeze at something like that if I was your kids or grandkids... and if they don't want it, send it my way! :P

I found your blog by chance and have added it to My Private Little Garden blog roll. Just thought to let you know, so you can check out my blog in your own time. My name is Lynda Parker (screen name: Mozette) and I've joined your blog to learn more about gardening... and I'm in Brisbane! So, we're not far from each other, same state! :D

I hope you don't mine me sending you my link here. If so, I apologise.

(aka: Mozette)

Stewart Dorman said...

Nice blog, Lynda. I've add you to my blog roll, I'll look forward to reading more of your garden adventure.