Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's been a good week.

Hi guys, busyish week for me. Feeling energized now the winter solstice has been and gone.

Beginning to plan ahead to Spring veggie gardening but still planting some Winter veggies.

Today though, around these parts, was an absolutely fabulous Winters day.

Started with a good frost and by 9:00 am it was warm enough to head outside into the garden.

I spent the morning pruning back a renegade climbing rose. And three full wheelie bins later it was back under control.

After a short break for lunch, it was veggie time.

I'd purchased three punnets of seedlings yesterday, mini cabbage, broccoli and some "heritage' lettuce.

I'd had the bed turned over a few weeks ago and just needed to add some fertiliser, give it a rake over and I was ready to plant.

Earlier in the week I wanted/needed to transplant a raspberry that I'd planted last year at my work veggie garden. Once I'd finished I found had a half dozen small raspberry suckers that need a new home so I was happy to oblige.

Anyhow, back today. After planting the seedlings I set about preparing for this seasons Corn patch.

I've got about 2/3 of it ready. I've got plenty of time though as the Corn bed is in shade all Winter long thanks to a massive northern wall. It's about the end of September before I can get enough sun to plant up the bed. I've got a couple of bags of cow manure in the shed that I'll add near the end of August and give it a dig over once again before I plant.

After that it was a bit of weeding and by then the day was starting to cool off again and I still need to run  over the lawn with the mower before the lights went out.

Also the Broad Beans I'd planted a while back have been loving the cold and rainy conditions we've had lately. They look very happy and healthy.
And one last thing. I've had one of these Burgon and Ball digging forks on my veggie bucket list for a while and this coming weekend is the Queensland Garden Expo weekend at Nambour and I'm hoping the same guy is there this year as last year and I can finally pick one up for myself.



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