Thursday, January 15, 2009

This mans best friend #2

This mans best friend #1

After the magic score of lucerne mulch hay I discovered it was too coarse for the finer veggies as in the lettuce I have planted.
Pretty much as I expected though and no biggie to solve, just add 1 (one) 'This mans best friend' and abracadabra, hey presto, magic lucerne hay lettuce mulch.

Life should be this easy all the time.

Red cos lettuce all mulched up ready for the 30 plus temps tomorrow.

Whatta you do, floods up north, bush fires down south and still a bloody (green) drought in the middle.

Damn you gotta love Australia or else you'd go mad.

As usual if you click on the photos you'll get a bigger picture.

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Cabbage Heart said...

how ironic u mention the weather! real extremes around the country to say the least! Love your best mate. Does he fetch a ball as well?

Deb Halls said...

What's a (green) drought?

Stewart said...

Hi CH,lol, no fetching, but he doesn't poop everywhere or dig up the garden either.

Hi Deb, a green drought is where you get enough rain to grow grass but not enough for deep soaking of the soil or run off for dam catchments, so everything looks nice and green but still need heaps(at least 250mls) of rain.

Darren (Green Change) said...

I never thought of doing that! I've got some coarse straw and a mulcher. Hmm...

Stewart said...

Hi Darren, works a treat mate.