Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Watch this space #2

The continuing saga of Watch this space #1.

It all started many months ago with the purchase from Diggers Seeds of their Magic Bean Mix.

I've been curious about growing and drying beans for a while and seeing as I want to cook a lot of soups, stews and casseroles, I'm also keen to make my own Baked Beans, in the up coming winter, Diggers Magic Bean Mix looked like the ideal way to start.
The photo on the left is the result of my harvest from the seed that arrived from Diggers.

Not enough for a meal I'm sure you'll agree.

So, what to do? Easy, plant more, this time a whole bed of Borlotti (if you have a spare hour Wikipedia have a lot of bean info) beans. But where?

Easy again, in the old Potato bed. But why the old potato bed? Read on I'll let you know.

Now I planted them in this bed for a few reasons. First being the old Potato bed there would probably be some good fertility left in the soil without it being too rich for beans.
Secondly this will be my Onion bed come winter there by giving me enough time to get the beans in and out before it is time to plant my Onions.

The other advantage will be the added nitrogen that the beans will fix to the soil to help the Onions get started.

So there you have it. No great mystery just a man with a plan and a curiosity about beans.

Fwiw, I was really taken with the Yin Yang bean (see photo below) from the Diggers Magic Bean Mix.
It was easy to grow (as most beans are) and has a semi climbing habit. I don't know what they taste like but I plan to plant as many as I can next spring and see what they are like from there.
I'll keep you posted on their and my progress.

While I'm at it has anyone cooked and eaten these beans and what do they taste like?

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Kelly the City Mouse said...

Those are some snazzy beans there, sir! I wish you luck. I'm still hoping our leeks and greens survive this abysmal heatwave.

Hope you're keeping dry over there in QLD!

greenfumb said...

Never eaten them but they look beautiful. I am going to try flageolet beans this year, I will follow your example and put them in after the tatties.

Peggy said...

Have only ever tried runner beans, you are adventurous! I must admit beans are one thing I have never been curious about!Good advice on following the spuds with the beans and then the onions, thanks

daisymum7 said...

I don't know what they taste like but they are So Pretty!!!


Anonymous said...

Those Yin Yang beans are beautiful! I hope they taste as good as they look! Cheersw, Tricia