Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting better all the time

Hi all,

I'm in between Math assignment at the moment so thought I'd do a quick blog.

I'm slowly getting more mobile day by day though having a good sneeze is still out of the question.

I had mums hubby come down to the Toowoomba organic community gardens yesterday to help me get the potato patch ready.

He must have been impressed with the show because he signed up for membership on the day.

I couldn't do much myself but I managed to separate the Leeks and replant them for further growing on.

The weather here has been unseasonal warm to hot so I've been getting optimistic and have started some of my spring seed plantings including the free Tomato seeds that come with September's Burke's Backyard magazine. I've also sown a full range of lettuce including Drunken Woman, Red Leprechaun, Red Cos and Red Iceberg. I've also sown some Florence Fennel, Celery, and some seeds I saved from a shop brought tomato.

I'd better get back to math and finish my assignment and I'll see if I can update some more early next week. They (weather forecasters)are predicting some rain early neat week also so fingers crossed here. It's been 8/9 weeks without rain now so it will be good to get some as it is all getting a bit on the dry side of things.




Lucky-1 said...

Keep getting better each day Matey:)

Anonymous said...

You're getting ready for your spring garden & I'm preparing for my fall garden......I find that interesting!