Monday, February 8, 2010

Predicted showers

I shoulda' know better, yesterday the Bureau of Meteorology predicted showers tending to rain and it was fine. Today they predicted fine weather and it is showery tending to rain at times.

How much are we paying these wallies and how much money do we spend on resources for them? I think they could save you/me/us a whole lot of money if they just stuck their head out the window and had a good look around every once and a while.

It is my only day off today, so to speak, and I had planed a fair bit of veggie gardening for today, but all I can do now is enjoy the rain, watch the weeds grow and start knitting the beanie I promised myself.

Cheers for now



SP8 said...

I’ve always gotten a kick out of their “fine with a chance of rain” lines.

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