Friday, August 10, 2018

What to plant now.

Every now and then I get it into my head that I should write a 'what to plant and when,' post.

Then I start thinking about all the research and the different climate zones and microclimates and then all the different types of plants, annuals, herbs, perennials, biennial.

Next thing you know I find myself lying on the floor in the fetal position, semi-comatose, wishing someone else could do it.

But someone else has done it and all the hard work and done it extremely well, phew. 

I can get up off the floor now. I'm so glad I Don't have that thought to often. Though our floors are clean they are hard and at this time of the year cold as well. 

Below if from the Gardenate web site. Link here for the Gardenate web site

About Gardenate

Why Gardenate?

Gardenate is intended to make it easier to keep your kitchen garden growing and producing. Each month the home page lists what you can plant now in your climate zone, and what to prepare for next month.
One way to productive gardening is to plant regularly - plant something every day if possible in suitable climates.


We provide as a service for home gardeners. Local conditions and micro-climates will affect how any plant performs in your specific location. Please seek advice from your local nursery or garden centre to obtain the most accurate climate zone and planting information for your garden.

Who is behind Gardenate?

Gardenate is a personal project designed and built by myself, Chris Hutchinson. My business, Hutchinson Software, designs and implements mobile apps, web applications and database software, so get in touch if you need a custom application.
Gardenate data entry has been mostly done by my gardening mother, Liz Hutchinson. I'm in the Australian cool temperate zone, she's in temperate New Zealand, so that perhaps explains any bias in the zone and species list.
I like edible gardening, but tend to forget to keep up with regular planting of successions, and end up battling our highly variable climate and drought. Gardenate is an attempt to make it easier to remember what to plant now, and to get in seed ready for next month.
If you have any feedback or suggestions we would love to hear from you, so please contact us.

Why is it called Gardenate?

It seemed like a good idea at the time! I was thinking of a combination of 'garden' and 'eat'...

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