Sunday, July 9, 2017

PowerFeed for the winning.

 I've had self sown Borage growing in this same spot of the garden for years now and I've never bothered with it very much except to let it do its own thing.

This year I decided to do things a little different, mainly to see what the results would be.

When I say 'a little different' the only thing i changed was to give it a weed and to add a regular weekly dosage of Powerfeed by Seasol.

While I was expecting a general improvement in the growth and health of my Borage, I'd have to
say I'm more than stunned at the results of regular weekly feeding.

They have easily doubled in their overall size, now over a metre tall, and they look positively luscious from their health and vigor. 

So the overall message from this post for me is PowerFeed for the winning.



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