Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another busy day

Busy day for weeding and planting seeds after 13 and then another 5mm of rain over the last two days. And a beautiful gardening day at that.


*Purple King, climbing bean. Phaseolus vulgaris

*Cherry Belle, Radish. Raphanus sativus

*Fennel. Foeniculum vulgare

*Red and Green Salad Bowl Mixed, Lettuce. Lactuca sativa

*Pak Choi. Brassica rapa var, chinensis

*Gourmet Mixed, Lettuce. Lactuca sativa

*Rocket. Eruca sativa

*Capiscum. Capiscum annum

* Lyon Prizetaker, Leek. Allium porrum

*Crimson Globe, Beetroot. Beta vulgaris

*Three struck cuttings of Sweet Potato. Ipomoea batatas

Now I've only got to get them all to grow.

How's your garden growing? 



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