Monday, August 11, 2014

Jerry Colby-Williams garden 'Bellis'

Australian Open Garden Scheme.

 A collection of photo's I took at Jerry Colby-Williams garden 'Bellis' that he opened for the Australian Open Garden Scheme.

I was tossing up whether to go or stay at home with my garden but the morning was so nice the decision to ride to Bellis was made.

There was also a half promise of some dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichoke corms for extra incentive. 

Which I did get. He even went to the trouble of digging them out of his garden for me.





My impressions?

My impressions? What did it look like?
  • Pretty much how it looks on TV but you get a better idea of the garden's scale and proportion. 

    There was as you might expect, lots of people, and the garden was a littler smaller than I'd imagined it might be. 

    I did expect larger or more veggie beds but he makes good use of the space he has. Very glad I went and scored two dwarf Sunray Jerusalem Artichokes for my trouble.
    The last photo in the video was of the footpath or verge if you like just around the corner from Bellis to give you some idea of how dry things are there and pretty much all the way down and back (I came home a different way) 

Cheers and happy gardening


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