Sunday, August 24, 2014


I picked up on this from the current (September 2014) issue of the organic gardener mag.

In case you don't have a copy 'yet' I'll share it here as well.

Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference

Friday 3 – Sunday 12 October 2014

From the 'About' tab on their Facebook page.


Taste the Difference, Feel the Difference, Make a Difference! 3-12 October 2014!
The main objectives of National Organic Week are to:
• Increase consumer demand for, confidence in, and appreciation for organically-grown produce and goods in all extant and potential markets, with a dual focus of mainstream retail (large and independent) on the one hand and farm direct marketing and farmers’ markets outlets on the other.

• Raise the general public's awareness of the vital connection between organic farming methods and genuine global environmental sustainability: especially between climate change abatement, organic farming practices, food waste avoidance and composting.

• Increase knowledge among members of the general public, food sellers, purveyors, restaurateurs, retailers, café owners and farmers Australia-wide about the stringent and world recognised standards for Organic and Biodynamic Products and about identifying certified organic products by independent certification logo marks.

• Engage and build capacity for non-organic and non-biological farmers to convert to organic and/or biological farming methods where appropriate, based on assessment of market demand and future industry growth needs, as well as for its environmental benefits and more resilient agricultural outcomes.

• Raise political awareness at relevant federal, state and local government levels of how sustainable organic and biological farming methods and products directly meet the agricultural and environmental challenges of the 21st Century; especially vis-à-vis climate change, resilient and diversified agriculture, food waste avoidance and water efficiency.

• Give media profile to NOW's week of activities including seminars, tastings, launches, while supporting industry stakeholders and sponsors to promote their organic products and organisations to the general public.

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