Thursday, August 14, 2014

Comfrey Tea

Really not to sure how well it would work but this looks it might be worth a go.

Has anyone tried to make comfrey tea this way before?

How did it go if you did?


Polly Oz said...

Seems like an unnecessary amount of work. Why not just let it break down a bit in a bucket of water? What is the point of making a concentrate? I've seen that idea before, but couldn't work out why it was an improvement.

Stewart Dorman said...

Yep, all good points Polly Oz.

I'm going to have to give it a go and evaluate the results.

Watch this space, as they say in the classics.

Polly Oz said...

Excellent. I never have enough spare comfrey to experiment with. The hens eat all the plants can spare, so except for a few broken or ratty leaves that go into a general weed soup, all the comfrey comes to the garden preprocessed through the hens.

Maybe the idea was developed for/by people in cold climates who have a short harvesting season. I can see that a concentrate would be easier to store.

While my plants stop growing over winter, this year they didn't even frost off, so they should take off early this spring; it is only a very short time I don't have plants actively growing.