Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seed planting

I didn't have a whole lot planned for today due to the forecast for rain in our area.

We ended up with 23mm yesterday (Saturday) and woke up to bright sunshine this morning.

As it turned out it became a good day for planting seeds.

Seed planting

Water Cress - Nasturtium officinale. Started out by sprinkling some Water Cress seeds over about a one meter square area and watering them in.

I've never grown Water Cress before so this'll be a new learning curve for me. Seed purchased from The Seed Collection.

Tomato - Australian Red. A bush tomato with medium sized fruit. This plant produces large flat red fruit and it is noted for its ability to form ripe tomatoes in cool summer areas.  Seed purchased from Rangeview Seeds.

Eggplant -Taskeniki, Rosa Bianca and Red Square. What was I thinking? Three varieties of eggplant. 

That's right, I was trying to make the order up to ten dollars so I could get free postage  and  they were appealing to me too. Seed purchased from The Seed Collection.

Alyssum - Royal Carpet. Something to feed the bees with.
Seed purchased from The Seed Collection. 

Tomato - Cherry Roma. Picked these up from Bunnings. 

I was looking for a cherry tomato when I saw these. This will be the first time growing these so I'm curious to see how they turn out.

 Coriander. These seeds are from a coriander plant I let go to seed and then collected the seeds for my self to see if I can become more self sufficient.

Other seeds I've collected are Basil, Pumpkin and Beans (dwarf), not a huge list by all means but I have radish and rocket going to seed now that I'll collect. As I get better I'll increase my varieties.

A part from weeding and mulching some rose and bamboo prunings that just about covers my day in the veggie garden. One more thing, the bamboo prunings were from a lattice structure I built for some climbing beans, Purple King, also purchased from Bunnings.




Missy said...

Good luck with all your seeds. We had good rain as well down at the bottom of the range (very welcome)

Stewart Dorman said...

Thanks Missy. I was beginning to think it might never rain again.

With some exceptional luck we might get some follow up rain before it all dries up again.

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

We only have 90 days up here on the mountain. :) When I had the big garden in Michigan, I opted to go with two eggplants. A long japanese type for stirfying and a big fat Iraqi variety to char and create either baba ganouj or Baingan Bharta with.

Hope they turn out!

- Cloud

Stewart Dorman said...

Wow,90 days? Good luck with yours too. Are they ready yet?